• Effective websites produce steady traffic and leads. We consider this a top priority.


We understand and quantify your requirements for selling products or content online. We then suggest an appropriate solution that allows you to manage your online store in a way that has the lowest cost of ownership, lowest cost per transaction and a solution that allows you to manage your inventory easily and without external help. We work with osCommerce, X-Cart, Yahoo Stores and Zen Cart and with all the major transaction processing gateways such as PayPal and Authorize.net.

Web Design

Atlas Technologies has been providing web design, marketing and technology services since 1999. From our experience, we realize that having a nice looking website or a domain name or the right keywords alone have no relevance in establishing a successful web presence. Rather a unified strategy consisting of design, brand building, technology, marketing and on-going support is the only way to harness the web for business advantage. The key is to think of a website as a virtual employee capable of productivity comparable to a real sales person and to place a high level of importance on developing and maintaining an effective web presence.

Atlas Technologies has access to and has spent countless hours looking over web traffic reports for scores of websites. We realize that the average visitor to a website has a very short attention span and will usually leave your website in 8 seconds or less, if your website is either slow to load or plain boring.

Many companies design websites for the sake of design rather than for the sake of business objectives. We focus on design in a way where achieving business objectives is the only goal. Excessive content or imagery or uncessary bells and whistles are avoided at all times.

We believe in using stable time-tested proven technology platforms. We also like open-source platforms where the software is free and supported by thousands of volunteers. This approach keeps costs low and protects the client's interests at all times. You get the largest possible availability of talent while getting highly functional and feature rich software and tools to utilize towards building your next idea on the web.

In simple terms "Branding" refers to making an impact, leaving a distinct mark and emotionally connecting with an audience. If your website can connect with a visitor, chances are that they will remember and come back to you when they need you.

Our experience has been that while spending vast amounts of money is one way of building a brand, producing interesting and relevant content is a cheaper and better option if you are on a budget.

Copywriting & Content Creation
Copy and text play an important role in getting a visitor to come to your website and then making a decision to act upon whatever message you provide on your website. Its important to communicate well and to appeal to both the person trying to solve a business/personal need by selecting a vendor as well as to communicate with the person conducting research.

Copy should interest your visitor as well as inspire confidence.

The ability to communicate well using the written word is the first opportunity for you to make an impression on a prospective client. We have worked with several copywriters over the years and have come to learn and appreciate the strengths of each. We utilize select copywriters most adept at creating copy for your requirements.

We also have the capability to produce a vast amount of relevant, original and interesting content on several topics. For example if you are a new blog, magazine or online publication and wish to produce "seed" content, get in touch with us. We can help you procure professionally written content for both exclusive and non-exclusive licensed use.

Search Engine Optimization & Online Promotions
We program your website and load content in strategic ways to first get you listed in all the major search engines. We then promote your website on directories, blogs and secure press coverage in electronic media. We then monitor your website actively on search engines to ensure that you get consistently high rankings. To achieve this result, we make regular adjustments to your website content and also examine websites of your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization and Online promotions are important for both large and small companies. It is important to work with a company that maximizes the productivity of your online advertising budget. Atlas Technologies have specialized staff specializing in search engine and online promotion strategies.

Custom Application Development
Every organization has repetitive tasks. For example collecting information, routing information, accepting orders etc. Tasks that are well defined can be translated into an application. Even processes, also known as workflow, can be translated into applications. Well designed applications save time, improve accuracy and make organizations more productive. Applications to help serve customers better, free up your time to focus on other tasks.

Atlas Technologies builds applications that are lightweight, easy to maintain, have no expensive hardware requirements and need no software to be purchased. Many applications that we developed for companies in 1999 still run today with not a single line of code rewrite.

We develop applications using PHP, PERL, .Net

Community Websites
Community websites are websites where most visitors are repeat visitors and who are attracted by a service that the website provides. Building community websites require a fair amount of planning to achieve the following:

  • Building a website with suitable functionality
  • Populating the website with content
  • Promoting the website till viral marketing compensates for paid marketing
  • Managing and updating the website content

Atlas Technologies is experienced in building community websites on a budget.

Outsourced Webmaster Services
Does your website need frequent updates? Hiring a full-time webmaster is usually not cost effective for most companies. An outsourced webmaster who can look after your needs for a specific number of hours in a month may be an excellent option for you. Atlas Technologies provides outsourced webmaster services to several companies ranging from publicly listed companies to "mom and pop" shops and non-profit organizations.